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Anticipating this need, LEAD RECLAIM & RUBBER PRODUCTS LTD (LRRP) was established in 2012 to manufacture premium-quality reclaimed rubber, crumb rubber,
and rubber granule.

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Unyielding Quality Assurance

At Lead Reclaim & Rubber Products Ltd., we are dedicated to meeting the rapidly growing demand for superior-quality reclaimed rubber, crafted from recycled scrap rubber. With a vision to solidify the national rubber industry, our commitment is towards achieving global standards in the quality of our rubber products.

To ensure this, each product crafted from scrap rubber recycling in our facility undergoes a rigorous process to guarantee it’s free from contaminants and fibres, resulting in high tensile strength and an exceptionally fine grain structure. Our tire reclaims and butyl tube reclaims, all derived from recycled scrap rubber, demonstrate superior tensile strengths. All our products are ideally suited for usage across various industries.

Our QC Laboratory

Quality Instruments

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Muffle Furnace

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Mooney Viscometer

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Curing Press

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Tensile Testing Machine

Our Concept

Rigorous Quality Control Measures at LRRPL

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    Comprehensive Product Testing
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    Adherence to International Standards
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    Regular Quality Audits
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    Continuous Process Improvement
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    Raw Material Verification


Quality Standards

ISO 9001:2015


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