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Anticipating this need, LEAD RECLAIM & RUBBER PRODUCTS LTD (LRRP) was established in 2012 to manufacture premium-quality reclaimed rubber, crumb rubber,
and rubber granule.

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Reclaim Rubber


Natural Reclaim Rubber recycled out from natural rubber tube scrap with well equipped and modernized machinery. Today the use of natural reclaim rubber is widespread, ranging from household to industrial products. Natural Tube Reclaim made from used Natural Rubber tubes. The vulcanization properties of LRRPL Natural Tube Reclaim make it particularly suitable for a variety of Natural Rubber tube products.

In NATURAL TUBE Reclaim, LRRPL has below Two grades

Tube Reclaim

Applications of Natural Tube Reclaim

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    *Natural rubber tubes for bicycle, 2-3 wheeler, Light motor vehicle, truck etc.
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    *Automobile extruded parts.
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    *Moulded rubber product & *Other extruded product.
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